The 5 Video Buttons Your Sales and Marketing Teams Have Been Waiting For

Posted by Lauren Mocol on Jul 25, 2018
Lauren Mocol

Generate more and leads and pipeline growth with in-video calls-to-action.


Whether you’re a sales or marketing professional, you don't need to be persuaded on the importance of a call to action (CTA). Rather, the question to pose here, is are you leveraging calls to action in the most effective way? What about in your sales and marketing videos?

If a viewer has already taken the initiative to click and view your video, they have already demonstrated interest, so let’s not let that interest go to waste. By adding a CTA button to your video, you are guiding the viewer to take certain actions, and seamlessly helping you to convert them faster.


Effective CTA Buttons to Leverage in Your

Sales and Marketing Videos

1. Book a Meeting

Book a Meeting GIF (1)



2. Get Pricing

Pricing GIF



3. Free Trial Sign Up 


Free Trial Sign Up GIF



4. Webinar/ General Sign Up

Webinar CTA GIF



5.  Schedule a Demo

Schedule a Demo GIF


Ready to try it out?

These are only a few of the in-video CTA's we provide, to learn more schedule a live demo or try it out for yourself on a free trial.

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