7 Sales Video Tips to Drive ROI

Posted by Lauren Mocol on Jun 21, 2018
Lauren Mocol

In a world full of automated emails, the ability to cut through the noise and stand out is crucial.

 sales people using video

As a sales team, how do you distinguish yourself among the thousands of emails and phone calls prospects are receiving? By adding video into your sales process, you can increase response rate, build a better rapport with your prospects, and overall drive more ROI. Here are seven sales video tips to start leveraging in your sales emails:

The 7 Sales Videos to Add to Your Repertoire:

1. Capture Attention Quickly with a Moving GIF




2. Personalize Your Outreach by Including Your Prospects own Content or Profile 



3. Capture Feedback and Personal Information with In-Video Questions



4. Not Hearing Back From Leads? Personalize Your Check In's with Video





5. Show Off Your Product with Micro Demo Videos 



6. Strengthen Your Connection with Webcam Prospecting Videos




7. Schedule Meetings Directly Within Your Videos to Increase Your Conversion Rate




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