Introducing VidGrid for SalesLoft: Stand Out with Interactive Videos

Posted by Bethany Stachenfeld on Sep 24, 2018
Bethany Stachenfeld
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Today we’re excited to announce that, in partnership with SalesLoft, we are launching a new interactive video integration to help sales professionals cut through the noise and book more meetings.

Add Videos to Salesloft

It is harder than ever for sales professionals to cut through the noise

The average office worker receives upwards of 120 emails a day. These are just the emails that make it past all of the spam filters. And this number is growing at 6% every year.  How can you stand out and capture the attention of your prospective customers?

The VidGrid SalesLoft Integration is designed to make you more than just a number.

Sleek, intuitive and extremely fast, the VidGrid SalesLoft Integration makes it possible for you to quickly record a personalized video, and insert that video into emails, cadences, and snippets, all without ever leaving SalesLoft.

You prospect will see an irresistible video snippet in their email - that can get by 98% of content filters - and click to watch the entire video.

Sample video in email

Conversations start with video

For a couple years now, companies like Vidyard have allowed you to create and send videos within emails for over a year now. They have proven that video is an extremely effective way to increase your click-through rate, with success stories boasting more than 500% increases in CTR.

VidGrid goes one step further. Your objective when reaching out to prospective customers has never been to get a click. It is to start a conversation.

VidGrid is the first ever video platform to integrate your calendar within videos - so your prospects can schedule meetings and demos with you without ever leaving the video player.

Not only will you see your click-through rate increase up to 500%, with VidGrid, you will also see more than 500% more meetings scheduled.

Book meetings in videos

Interactive video goes even further

In its entirety, VidGrid is designed to facilitate conversations through video. In addition to the calendar integration, VidGrid offers several exclusive features to ensure your videos are optimized to help you hit your sales goals, including:

  1. Video Signature - Show your personality in every email with a customized video signature.
  2. Video Business Card - Ensure leads can always get in touch with a video business card that links to your calendar, email, phone number, and social media.
  3. Lead Qualification Questions - Learn more about your leads with multiple choice or short answer questions - all within the video player.
  4. Personalization at Scale - Merge custom video introductions with generic pitch videos to mass-personalize your videos.
  5. Integration Optimized for Speed - Create, edit, caption, share, and track videos without ever leaving the SalesLoft platform for optimal speed and efficiency.

Get Started Now

VidGrid is now available in the SalesLoft App Directory. You can get started now with both a SalesLoft account and a VidGrid account. Start your 14-day free trial with VidGrid on or contact for a product demo.