Use Microlearning Videos to Increase Learning Outcomes

Posted by Bethany Stachenfeld on Feb 26, 2018
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No more students dozing off during long courses - use emerging research and technology in microlearning to optimize learning across your organization.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the technique of creating short, focused learning experiences to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps. Microlearning is brief and targeted, and focuses on learning specific, actionable objectives, rather than general knowledge. These learning “nuggets” are complete and concise stand-alone units, and can be referred to by anyone. Ideally available in an online repository or video knowledge base for easy reference.

The E-Learning Coach defines microlearning as having the following characteristics:

  • Brevity: As the name implies, microlearning units are short, generally between 2-6 minutes in length.
  • Granularity: Microlearning focuses on one specific topic, concept or idea.
  • Variety: Microlearning content can be a presentation, video, quiz, or any other format from which someone learns.

Why Use Microlearning Videos?

Research shows that people learn better in small, focused bursts, as opposed to long lessons. This is relatable to anyone who has sat through long lectures, only to search difficult concepts on YouTube.  Additionally, according to Bersin and Associates, the average employee, the “modern learner,” spends just 1% - or 24 minutes – of his or her work week learning. Microlearning ensures that the employee can achieve the desired results, with only limited time spent learning. Finally, microlearning is most powerful when delivered at high need moments, (ex: immediately after an important presentation, product launch, etc.) when the learner is especially motivated.

Benefits of using microlearning videos include:

  1. Quick to Make – Record microlearning videos in just a few minutes – so you can quickly get your employees up to speed on new technology, or reiterate challenging concepts for students.
  2. Easy to Update – When information changes, microlearning videos are easily updated or replaced without throwing off your entire lesson plan.  
  3. Long Lasting – Once made, video micro-lessons can live forever in your organization’s video repository for future students or employees to access in the future.
  4. Engaging for Learners – While a student or adult learner may get distracted during a long lesson, microlearning is short enough to keep the learner engaged the entire lesson.
  5. Mobile Compatible – Compact and low effort nature makes videos appropriate for any time, whether learners are on the job, on their commute, or relaxing on their couch.
  6. Immediate Results – Your learners can pick up the necessary materials in minutes and are able to apply the lessons immediately.  

How To Make Microlearning Videos

ilos is the fastest growing video platform for making microlearning videos, fully integrated with everything you need to implement microlearning in your organization. ilos provides a simple yet robust platform for making microlearning videos, so even non-video professionals can create high quality videos.

  1. Easily capture yourself, your screen, or the world around you, as well as the ability to crowdsource important material from SMEs around your organization.
  2. Global updates No matter how and where your video was originally shared, it will be updated from a single place. Links and embed codes never break when something is updated.
  3. Searchable video repository to ensure employees and educators can find the videos they need in the future.
  4. Interactive features like in-video quizzing and live commenting to engage your learners.
  5. Compatible with every modern device and browser to ensure that nothing stands between your learners and their educations.
  6. Detailed analytics dashboard to track results, and make sure that your learners are achieving their objectives.


Success Stories

Over 250 customers rely on ilos to make educational or training videos. Many speak to the advantages of using ilos to promote microlearning in their organizations:

Just-in-time training - Mortenson Construction uses ilos to crowdsource knowledge from SMEs onsite. A SME records how to perform a specific action, and then any Mortenson employee can access the training through their video knowledge base, “MortTube,” from their smartphones. In just 3 months with ilos, Mortenson was able to crowdsource 1,300 microtraining videos for on-the-job training.

Train faculty on new technologyGuilford Technical Community College not only trains students with skill-specific videos, but also uses microtraining to educate faculty on how to use new tools. Instructional Technologist Anita McCoy says that implementing ilos for preemptive training has saved her 20 hours a week in answering questions from faculty.

Better engage students (while reducing textbook costs) - Lake Superior College transitioned from full length lectures to bite-sized videos to better enforce learning concepts. They use ilos to record everything from how to solve certain accounting problems in accounting classes, to how to check urine samples in their nursing classes, to how to drive a truck in their truck driving classes.

Read more ilos customer success stories for inspiration on how to apply microlearning to your organization. If you are ready to try out the ilos video platform for yourself, you can sign up here for a free trial

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