Now Live: Meet the new ilos Windows Recorder!

Posted by Lauren Mocol on Mar 6, 2018
Lauren Mocol

The ilos Windows Recorder has a new interface, easier to locate webcam, hotkeys, rapid record option, and more!


Why do you need the new Windows Recorder?


  • New Interface: You may notice straight away, the new interface includes the webcam icon directly on the control panel - no more fumbling around trying to locate your webcam- one click and you’re ready to record.


  • Pause: Ever want to pause during a recording and move your recording area to another portion of the screen? Say no more, with the new pause feature you can pause your recording when need be and resume recording when you’re positioned and ready.


  • Hotkeys: This has been a long awaited item and we are happy to announce it is finally here. You can now use your keyboard to start, pause, finish recording, minimize and maximize your window (which will give you the ability to hide your recorder during the recording). These will be a huge time saver for the recording process.


  • Rapid Record: Ever want to have multiple recordings in a row? We got you covered with our rapid record option. Perhaps you need to capture a lot of custom content for feedback or personalized prospecting video. With Rapid Record, you can keep the screen recorder open as you record, title your recording, save, and repeat, making it a faster, more efficient recording option.


Want to learn more?

Check out our support article on using the ilos Windows Recorder to learn about each individual feature.


What about mac OS?

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