Case Study: How Guilford Technical Community College Educates Their Educators

Posted by Michael Moran on Feb 14, 2018
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A case study with Guilford Technical Community College's Instructional Technologist, Anita McCoy

Anita has created over 80 training videos that have been viewed over 5,900 times. She has saved over 50% of her day by creating preemptive training videos with ilos instead of answering questions after the fact.

“Teaching the Teachers” with their own video software

When it comes to software and tools that faculty incorporate into their courses, Instructional Technologists and Designers are the faculty’s go-to resource for familiarizing themselves with and adopting new tools. Instructional staff are, in essence, the faculty’s own instructors in relation to using everything from the school’s LMS and plagiarism detection software, to proctoring tools and accessibility resources, among others. Instructional technology teams don’t often need to use these tools to instruct the faculty on their proper use; plagiarism detection software isn’t used to capture how to use plagiarism detection software. This may sound redundant, but it points out a hint of irony in how some instructional staff do not use the video tools available to capture how to use video tools, let alone other tools mentioned above.

Many instructional resources for faculty, even regarding video tools, are a combination of text and screenshots. This may be due to a number of reasons, but it seems contrary to some recent pedagogical and instructional developments in higher education. More and more schools and faculty are moving to video as a rich, engaging teaching method. So why not use video for instructing faculty?

Unfortunately, most video tools are not user-friendly and require many steps and clicks to record and share a video, thus discouraging instructional staff from using them for faculty training, and preventing faculty from using the video tools themselves in course content. One ilos customer in particular, however, has reversed this trend at her institution since switching to ilos from Kaltura.

 anita GTCC-1.png

Case in Point: Anita McCoy at Guilford Technical Community College

Anita McCoy is the Lead Instructional Technologist at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, North Carolina, and she supports the 400+ faculty at the school instructing over 10,000 students. Before ilos, Anita used text and screenshots to provide the faculty with resources on the tools at GTCC, and spent much of her time in one-on-one trainings with faculty to supplement the online resources. She attempted to use Kaltura, but found it too time-consuming to create on-the-fly instructional videos and difficult for many faculty members to navigate.

With ilos, Anita immediately began creating a library of videos for faculty to leverage at any time in learning how to use the other tools in place at Guilford, as well as ilos. She’s even had faculty ask her to just share an ilos video specifically in email correspondence instead of continuing to type out instructions, and ilos has quickly become her go-to tool for all her asynchronous instruction.

ilos in Action - Screenshot of searchable glossary that uses ilos videos alongside written instructions for reference: 

gtcc faculty training screenshot


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Since implementing ilos, Anita has created over 80 videos that have been viewed over 5,900 times. ilos has saved Anita over 50% of the time she previously dedicated to faculty instruction and support, freeing her to allocate more time to robust in-person instruction with numerous groups in the institution on other tools and processes.

In addition to this valuable resource on the side of faculty support, ilos has fueled a remarkable increase in adoption of faculty video in their course content, a significant achievement in and of itself that deserves a separate blog post altogether.


“The platform is so easy to use that I can produce a new training video in under 5 minutes. I've saved more than half my day since switching to ilos.”

Anita McCoy, Lead Instructional Technologist
Guilford Technical Community College

Leverage Educational Video for Your Organization

At ilos, we believe that the stigmas of viewing video as a complex resource with a steep learning curve have been perpetuated by poorly built tools with unintuitive features and user interfaces. With ilos, no user needs previous video experience or training to immediately begin creating, editing, sharing, and measuring engagement with video. Guilford Tech has materialized a core principle of ilos: to empower individuals at schools and organizations to communicate visually with the power of video on the devices they already use, easily and effectively. 

Click here to find time with one of our representatives to learn more about how ilos can help your organization leverage the power of video.

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