Customer Success Story - Craig Walker, Founder and CEO of Dialpad

Posted by Bernadette Foley on Apr 6, 2017
Bernadette Foley
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Dialpad is a cloud-based communications solution for business, offering voice and video calls, messaging, conferencing, and screen sharing.

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Dialing into Uberconference, a trademark of Dialpad, I waited somewhat apprehensively for Craig Walker to hop on the call. After all, Walker is highly successful in the tech world, with 15 years of experience as an entrepreneaur, venture capitalist, corporate executive, and attorney. He founded GrandCentral Communications, acquired by Google in 2007, and Dialpad, which now serves more than 35,000 businesses. Noticing that he was an active ilos user, I pinged Craig to ask if he'd be willing to share his thoughts on the video platform and was pleasantly suprised when he responded with an enthusiatic, "I would love to!"

Craig's zealous and easygoing nature was immediately recognizable as he picked up, making him enjoyable to speak with. “ilos is something that I’d always wanted and I was very excited when I got introduced to it" he remarked right away. "I use it primarily when I want to show my product guys something, like a bug or a feature that I want to behave a certain way; it’s super useful for me to do that."


Craig even had the opportunity to demonstrate the use of ilos while on our call. Noticing a small bug on Uberconference, he launched the ilos recorder, created a quick video, copied the link, and emailed it to a product manager with a brief message. All of this he did in approximately one minute, exclaiming "How sweet is that?! I'm a very visual person, being able to show a video saves me ten thousand words.” Before ilos, Craig says this process was much more cumbersome. He would launch QuickTime, download a file, re-upload to YouTube, and only then would he have a link he could share. He says, "With ilos, it is five times faster because you can do everything in one app."

Craig is excited that the recently released version of the ilos recorder includes system audio because it will allow him to record both ends of a call on Dialpad or Uberconference. He also plans to have the entire Dialpad support team using ilos for responding to customer inquiries and solving technical issues. In his words, “It’s just a better experience to see what to do rather than be told what to do or read what to do.”