Customer Success Story -  Amy Mitchell

Posted by Bernadette Foley on Mar 3, 2017
Bernadette Foley
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I recently had a chance to catch up with one of our users, Amy Mitchell of Do What You Want Consulting, to chat about how she's finding value with ilos.


What do you do?

I'm a systems and productivity expert who helps people leverage technology and workflows to find more time, money, and freedom in their business.


How does ilos play into the success of your business?

ilos has been SUCH a life saver. I can quickly record short videos for clients to walk them through a system or show them how to use functionality in technology they use in their business. I don't need to book/coordinate a call and screen share, instead I can record on my time and the client can watch it on their time.


What features are most important to you?

The awesome interface, the easy sharing, and the being able to easily store and reference all my videos.



Have you tried other video solutions? Which ones and what makes ilos better?

I've tried Jing and Camtasia. ilos is so much better because I don't need all the functionality that Camtasia has and the interface is SO MUCH BETTER than both. It has everything I need and not too much I don't need, so it's so simple and straightforward to use.


What has ilos allowed you to do now that you hadn’t before?

Record videos for online courses effortlessly! I teach step-by-step training for various applications of technology and it's perfect for that! I also love being able to send my clients quick videos - they love it too. So much better and faster than trying to write something out in an email.


Do you have any tips for creating videos?
As far as recording goes, I love that I can pause the recording if I need to catch my breath or think of something.

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