Customer Service for the Millennial Generation

Posted by Bernadette Foley on Feb 23, 2017
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In his article for Forbes, Micah Solomon, customer service consultant and bestselling author, advises that as the millennial generation continues to gain more purchasing power, catering to their expectations for customer service is a business imperative. He breaks his article down into six ideas, all of which are important but two that I will expand on to show how they can pertain to the use of video in customer support.

The first piece of advice from Solomon that caught my eye is this:
“You need to offer self-service and crowdsourced customer service options.”
Not every support question requires a live person to answer it and millennials recognize that. When they know they have a simple question, they want a simple answer that they can find themselves. Based on my own experience working in customer support, I consider it very important for businesses to host a knowledge base that is easy to navigate and contains helpful support articles. Since millennials grew up with technology, they are a very visual bunch, so incorporating video, GIFs, and screenshots into these articles can assist in answering their questions more efficiently.

Support Doc Screen Shot.png

Solomon also notes that though somewhat paradoxical to what was just discussed
“millennial customers crave a true, authentic, personalized experience as customers”
While millennials love self service, sometimes they need direct assistance from an agent, and when they do, they want the experience to be personal. I love that our chat support system, Intercom, displays my name and photo when I am assisting a customer. It gives them a visual of who they are speaking to and makes us feel more connected. If I receive a support ticket that is a bit more complex, I will sometimes respond with video. Listening to an agent address you directly through video creates a personalized experience that text sometimes fails to generate. If the agent is using a video platform like ilos, they have the ability to record their voice as well as their screen.


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These are just a couple of my takeaways from Solomon in regards to customer service for the millennial generation. To see the full article with all his great insight, visit this link:

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