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Posted by Bethany Stachenfeld on Jun 1, 2018
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You support team can simply send a link to record videos from customers to see their issues firsthand.

Why Customer Screen Recording?

Screen recording is a fast and easy way to gain visibility into the issues your customers are facing. Customers don’t always know what the root of the issue is, so customer screen recording lets them clearly communicate their situation - including browser, device, what programs are running, etc. - without writing you a novel.

The Guest Recorder makes video asynchronous, so your agents can gather all of the information they need, and solve the ticket on their own time. This saves countless hours going back-and-forth over email or coordinating WebEx meetings. By using screen recordings, agents see everything that the customer sees, and easily diagnose the problem on first contact.

Generally, once support teams start leveraging video recordings they see:

  • 25% faster ticket resolution time
  • 233% increase in first contact resolution rate
  • 35% fewer WebEx meetings and conference calls (all communication is asynchronous)
  • 25% increase in ticket capacity per support agent
  • 20% higher customer satisfaction and net promoter scores


Don’t Want to Wait on Your Dev Team?

We recommend integrating the ilos
screen recorder API into your ticketing system. Support teams for Informatica, Workfront, and Helpsystems have seen huge success increasing speed to ticket resolution and customer satisfaction scores by embedding a customer recording button into their support tickets. 


However, while the ilos ticketing system integration is easy to implement, we understand that you might want to start capturing customer videos before you pass the internal reviews and approval process needed to update your product roadmap. 

Have no fear, we have a solution for you:

Capture Customer Screen Recordings with the ilos Guest Recorder



ilos is the only video platform to offer a Guest Recorder, which allows you to capture video from anyone with a shareable video link. This works very simply:

  1. 📂 Each support agent has a folder for customer videos on the ilos platform.
  2. 🔗 Support agents can share a video recording link with customers.
  3. 📹 Customers click the link to activate a screen recorder.
  4. 🔎 As soon as the customer finishes recording, the video uploads directly to the support agent’s folder, where they can view the video in the cloud.

Now, the support agent has visibility into what the customer’s issue is. He or she can respond via their typical channel of communication, or send a helpful video back to the customer. And all of the customer videos are stored securely in the cloud for future use.

Ready to try it out?

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