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Lauren Mocol

Minnesota native and marketer here at ilos, Lauren is excited to be part of a team that is innovating the way we engage through video. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys traveling, indulging in the Twin Cities food scene, and playing with her Goldendoodle puppy.

The 5 Video Buttons Your Sales and Marketing Teams Have Been Waiting For

Generate more and leads and pipeline growth with in-video calls-to-action.

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7 Sales Video Tips to Drive ROI

In a world full of automated emails, the ability to cut through the noise and stand out is crucial.

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Announcing  Shared Folders: A Seamless Approach to Video Collaboration

Add multiple collaborators to one folder to create, edit, and manage videos together.
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4 Ways Software Implementation Project Managers Are Leveraging Video

Hello video recording, goodbye endless screenshots and long conference calls. 

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Why Ubiquitous Learning Matters and How to Accomplish it with Video

Provide flexible learning for your diverse student body.

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6 Creative Ways to Engage Learners with Video (Without Being a Video Pro)

Not a video pro, but looking to drive learning initiatives and increase viewer engagement?

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Now Live: Meet the new ilos Windows Recorder!

The ilos Windows Recorder has a new interface, easier to locate webcam, hotkeys, rapid record option, and more!

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