Announcing  Shared Folders: A Seamless Approach to Video Collaboration

Posted by Lauren Mocol on Jun 13, 2018
Lauren Mocol
Add multiple collaborators to one folder to create, edit, and manage videos together.
 What are Shared Folders?

Shared Folders allow creators to share video folders with specific individuals in their organization, providing a secure space to upload and access videos as a team.

A Few Ways You Can leverage Shared Folders:


  • Customer Facing Folders: Share a folder with individual clients or prospects, allowing them to access and upload videos without other clients or prospects being able to access them.
  • Course Folders: Educators can create a shared folder for each of the classes they teach, allowing just the students enrolled in the class to easily consume the content intended for them, and also upload their own content as well.
  • Department Folders: Individual departments can maintain private team folders containing secured information to collaborate with video.


Learn More

Check out our help article for How to use Shared Folders or schedule a live demo with the ilos team. We are always excited to hear what you think as well! Feel free to comment below or directly in the video. 

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