Announcing a New Breakthrough in Adaptive Learning: Quizzing & Surveys

Posted by Bethany Stachenfeld on Apr 17, 2018
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Ask a question within your video, and adapt the following content based on your viewers' answers.

 Today, ilos is announcing Quizzing and Surveys that (1) opens the door to end-user responses and feedback, and (2) adapts video content based on those responses.

Why Quizzing and Surveys is Revolutionary 

Last year, we released a beta version of Questions that enabled teachers to ask students questions intermittently during videos. After months of testing, we had three major realizations:

  1. Quizzing is an effective way to engage students.
  2. Quizzing is just one way to engage students - non-graded surveys and open ended questions also inspire thinking.
  3. Just “knowing” end-user responses is not enough. It is important to take action based on end-user feedback.

We took these insights and applied them to Quizzing and Surveys. Quizzing and Surveys empowers video makers across all departments with the tools to extract end-user feedback and adapt video content,  ensuring maximal engagement and learning.


What is New with Quizzing and Surveys:

More Types of Questions: Choose between Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and Open Ended Questions.


Adaptive Feedback: Show the correct answer after the viewer makes a selection and jump to a specific timestamp in the video to either skip ahead or rewatch a portion of the video.


Optional Requirement: Choose whether or not questions are required. 


Update: Edit questions at any time. 


Quiz Summary: Download a summary of results from video. 


Learn More

Check out our help article for Creating Interactive Surveys or schedule a live demo with the ilos team. We are always excited to hear what you think as well! Feel free to comment below or directly in the video. 

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