4 Ways Software Implementation Project Managers Are Leveraging Video

Posted by Lauren Mocol on Jun 11, 2018
Lauren Mocol

Hello video recording, goodbye endless screenshots and long conference calls. 

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 As a Project Manager, your day probably consists of several hours on WebEx or Skype calls with clients, writing and replying to lengthy emails, and receiving and deciphering what seems like an infinite number of screenshots to resolve client errors. By leveraging asynchronous video, project management teams are saving several hours, eliminating back and forth communication, and maximizing not only their clients time, but their own as well.  Here are four ways project managers are leveraging video:


Client Demonstration:

Tired of coordinating lengthy webex calls to learn the “meat and potatoes” of your clients current workflow and preferences? Through asynchronous video, you can efficiently learn your clients current processes and preferences. Simply send them a link prompting them to record their walkthrough, and when they are finished, you will be notified the client has uploaded a video awaiting your review.


User Acceptance Testing:

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) allows clients to test a solution and verify that it works appropriately. Often times, this is an extensive process that takes place over a prolonged period of time, where both the project manager and client are present on a conference call. Through ilos, the client can now record their UAT on their own time, have it go directly to the project manager or developer when they are finished, and in the process several hours are saved for both parties.



Personalized Onboarding and Training:

After the initial implementation, often times the biggest concern is adoption. Finding the most effective way to get clients feeling comfortable and empowered with their new solution is vital. By leveraging ilos, project managers can now create personalized onboarding and training videos. This enables clients to hear their project managers voice, see their exact click path to achieve their goals, and even see their project managers face via webcam. Best of all, your client can have the video to refer back to time and time again.



Bug Recreation:

Tired of novel length emails and infinite numbers of screenshots when a client receives an error? Enable your clients to feel heard and empower project managers and developers to resolve issues rapidly through video. Send out a link prompting the client to reproduce and record the error, when they are finished videos will be sent directly back to you. You can now be the eyes and ears of your client, preventing any loss of information, and allows your team to resolve errors rapidly.



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